Order Guide

This order guide will help you calculate how much product will be needed per order depending on your field and requirements.

All products have a 5-year shelf life.

Theraworx Protect Foam 3.4oz (101ml)

All Buildings

  • 1 dispenser at each entrance/exit with refillable bladder
  • 1 dispenser at each bathroom with refillable bladder
  • 1 3.4oz or 7.1oz bottle for each employee or at each desk


  • Busses – Each 7.1oz bottle produces approximately 300 pumps.  Each application per child should be 2 pumps.  A bus of 50 students would require 100 pumps.  Two trips per day would require 200 pumps or 3.5 bottles per week per bus with a capacity of 50 students.
  • Classroom 20-25 students — The 7.1oz bottle using 2 pumps per application… 2-3 applications per day… 60 pumps per day would equal 300 pumps per week.  1-7.1oz bottle per classroom per week or 4-5 bottles per month.
  • 1 bottle per employee/custodian/counselor/secretaries etc… the 7.1oz bottle should last approximately 45 days.
  • Athletics – Each athlete should have a 7.1oz bottle in their locker and a 3.4oz bottle in their bag per month.  They should use it pre- and post-workout or sporting contest.  The 7.1oz bottle should last approximately 45 days half that for the 3.4oz bottle.  All training rooms should be using the 60ct wipes.  Coaches, trainer and equipment personal should all have wipes and bottles at their disposal.

First Responders

  • All doors and bathrooms
  • 1-7.1oz bottle and 4 packs 60ct wipes per public safety vehicle per month
  • 2-7.1 bottles and 10-12 packs 60ct per ambulance per month